Showcase 500 Metal Clay Jewelry
Showcase 500 Metal Clay Jewelry
Lark Books
Inscrições até 26 Abr 2013

Lark Jewelry & Beading seeks excellent photographs of original, contemporary handmade metal clay jewelry to publish in a new juried, international collection in our 500 Series of books: Showcase 500 Metal Clay Jewelry. This book is scheduled to publish in Spring 2014.
We welcome and encourage submission of excellent photographs of your handmade metal clay jewelry in all design styles. The jewelry must be predominantly metal clay or, at a minimum, have a dominant metal clay focal piece; other materials may, of course, be incorporated.
Entries must be submitted by April 26, 2013. We strongly encourage early entries.

All visuals submitted must represent work that is original in design. Please choose work that reflects the book’s concept. A maximum of four entries per artist is allowed, so please submit your best work. An entry may consist of no more than two visuals: an overall shot and one detail (or alternate view); the detail shots are not required. The primary images you submit should each be different designs. For example, do NOT submit four variations of very similar jewelry pieces; instead, submit one work from each of four series.
We strongly prefer images of jewelry pieces that have not been published previously, and please do NOT submit images of work that haves been published in any Lark book.
All work must be made no earlier than 2010 and the more recent the work the better—we’d much prefer to see your excellent 2013 work over your 2012 work, 2012 over 2011, and 2011 over 2010.
Please title your submitted pieces whenever possible, even if you’re creating a title just for this book. You may use “Untitled” as the title when this proves impossible, however.
We can accept only high-quality digital images. Artists will receive full acknowledgment within the book and a complimentary copy. Artists retain copyright of their work. There is no entry fee. Please pay close attention to the photographic requirements; submissions that do not meet the requirements will not be considered.
All submissions must be submitted electronically through Juried Art Services. There is no fee for using Juried Art Services.

The entry page can be found at the following link:

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