Heroes Medals Decorations
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Heroes Medals Decorations
How do we identify heroes nowadays?  Who are they and how do we spot them?

We are looking for present-day heroes. What symbols and decorations could we give them, to distinguish them from the crowd?

In times past, there were badges of honor and medals. Many cultures used wearable decorations to mark outstanding persona-lities for identification. Already in early civilizations we can see the necessity for the public to show praises and compliments upon deserving persons. They were a highly varied form of non-verbal communication.
Signs and marks of outstanding merit, religious and social affiliation as well as the positions held within these structures were readily perceivable.
Ranging across a broad spectrum, from rare valuable treasures with supreme artistic quality to abundantly- awarded badges and other symbols, we can find many different forms granted to individuals for special merit.

This exhibition project intends to head the focus on several contemporary artistic positions, which are concentrated on the forms and possibilities of honoring heroic, courageous and exemplary personalities.
The exhibition seeks to assemble jewellery artists, sculptors and other artists who can make current attitudes to the above more visible.

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