Open Call: upcoming book CAST
Inscreva-se até 1 de Junho 2015

You are invited to submit work for inclusion in the upcoming book  CAST.

CAST will feature gorgeous images from both contemporary and historic artists whose work is defined by their use of casting as a primary process. CAST will be a creative look-book intended to inspire more people to use casting in their work and to think more broadly about the process and its possibilities.

We are seeking high quality images of cast jewelry and objects (both sculptural and functional) including any and all materials that can be cast. We are interested in all scales of work and all media, from tiny gold earrings to monumental bronzes. Pieces need not be entirely cast, but casting should play a dominant or critical role in the work.

There will also be casting process photos in the book. If you have clear and well-composed images illustrating model creation, mold making or your casting process, please submit them. We are curious about your studio practice as well as your finished work.

We are asking that you write a brief statement about why you choose to use casting in the creation of your work instead of writing a standard artist’s statement.

Open worldwide. Please feel free to share this information with other artists whose work you think could meet the criteria for this book.

Schiffer Publishing will produce the book.

Jen Townsend
and Renee Zettle-Sterling

Selections are based entirely on the merit of the work submitted. Keep in mind that the quality of the images you are submitting will play a dominant role in the selections; therefore, send only the best quality (both professional and artistic) photographs of your work. The authors will select all images included in the book.

Image Requirements

• Maximum of 4 artworks per category, 5 additional images per artwork (including detail images and/or casting process images) are optional for a possible total of 6 images per piece.

• Images should be in JPG format, in RGB color space and the resolution should be 350 dpi. Each image should have a minimum size of 6” x 9” or 2000 x 3008 pixels. Higher resolution images allow for larger pictures in the book – the dimensions given are a minimum. If your image looks better in a square format, that’s fine, just make sure the smallest dimension is not less than 2000 dpi.)

Preço de inscrição: $ 40.00

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