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An award promoted by Alliages and JOYA focused on the promotion of the selected artists and on the creation of a collection for posterity.

Alliages in collaboration with JOYA presents "The Legacy Award", a prize for contemporary jewellery that aims to promote jewellers and leave a legacy. Artists selected each year will find many benefits: catalogue/book, presence in JOYA for the award final and other events, in order to promote and make shine his/her work.
ALLIAGES organisation has 2 goals : promote contemporary jewellery & educate to this art. To educate public to contemporary jewellery, ALLIAGES has started a private collection which it is called to be transmitted to a museum. From its creation up to the moment this collection will be trasmitted, ALLIAGES will promote this collection and the artists which are part of it, making exhibitions or other events worldwide, using virtual or physical networks. To promote & recompense the jewellers, ALLIAGES creates its Prize for Contemporary Jewellery, in collaboration with JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair & Ring-ring Gallery Barcelona.

A Legacy, an heritage left or handed down by a predecessor. The aim of ALLIAGES is to pass on an artistic heritage to make it known as widely as possible by the public. An heritage composed of emotions and imprints, of persons and talents. An heritage to be transmitted…

Make a collection is a long work, which takes years and energy. Once this collection will end in a museum, all people having participated to this adventure (organizers & artists) will find his/her benefits. For Alliages, we will have the satisfaction to have participated to educate people to this art; our main goal is to make the jewelry shiny. For artists having participated, benefits will be to have been promoted and part of a great project, having work(s) that will be seen and admired by many people in several location (Fair, Galleries and Museum). Before this moment, Artists selected each year will find many benefits: catalogue/book, presence in JOYA for the award final and other events, in order to promote and make shine his/her work. In this project we are all working for the posterity.

Do you want to be part of this legacy ?


- The competition is open to all artists worldwide, established professionals or students, independly of their experience.
There are no restrictions in materials used, techniques or sizes. Jewels must be done using traditional and/or new jewellery techniques.

- A maximum of 2 works will be submitted by each artist. Application will be sent only using dedicated ALLIAGES website form with all required data in correct formats. An application fee of 10€ (Ten Euros) will be applied for each work presented, and must be payed via Paypal.

- Selected works will be sent by artists in a appropriate and secure packaging at his/her cost, including all possible tax or charge, in the due date.

- The works selected for the award will be acquired automatically to the private collection of ALLIAGES, this means the artist will give the work selected to the gallery for its private collection (collection that will be promoted, the goal being always to transfer it to a museum). Works selected for the award will be shown at JOYA International Jewellery Fair where a jury composed of professionals in the art and jewellery world will select the jewel awarded with the “Jury award”. The public attending to the Fair will vote and select a jewel which will win the “Public Award”. ALLIAGES staff will choose a jewel which will win the “ALLIAGES choice award”.

- The artists selected allow the Association ALLIAGES to reproduce any material provided in order to promote this event and for its archives/history in any form. The transfer of the reproduction right by the artist is non-exclusive, non-transferable, unlimited territory for distribution of reproductions.

- The decisions of the selection and the jury are irrevocable. If the artist does not perform steps in the due dates and/or delays (ex. payment, delivery, etc ..) he/she may be excluded from the award and he/she can not pretend to any fee reimboursement.

Awards and Prizes:
- Jury Award: 800 € / highlighted spot at ALLIAGES events in 2016 / Cover in catalog / Display for award 2016
- Public Award: 200 € & exhibition during JOYA OFF 2016 / Back cover in catalog
- Alliages choice Award: Free spot at the ALLIAGES Permanent 2016 / highlighted in the catalog

A catalog/book will be published including all selected artists. The awarded works will be highlighted. Every artist selected for the award will receive a free copy of this catalog.

- Deadline to submit the application: July 10th, 2015
- Announcement of selected works for Final at JOYA: August 10th, 2015
- Selected works received at the gallery: before September 10th, 2015
- Selected works shown at JOYA International Jewellery Fair: Oct.8-10th, 2015
- Award at JOYA International Jewellery Fair: October 10th, 2015


The Jury will be composed of professionals of the Art & Contemporary jewellery worlds and will select a winner for the main award during JOYA.

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