Grand-Prix-Design 2010

Grand-Prix-Design 2010
Otto Kuenzli

The Confederation has awarded Otto Künzli the Grand Prix Design in honour of his oeuvre and his teaching career as a professor and head of the jewellery department at the Akademie der Bil-denden Künste München. He is one of the most important jewellery designers in Europe and well known internationally. His creations are clear, reduced and yet often ambiguous. His subtle stud-ies in cultural phenomena lead at times to radical statements on such topics as consumerism, the arbitrariness of values, power, vanity and exploitation, to which he often gives an ironic and play-ful twist. His work is represented in many national and international collections of jewellery. In the course of his teaching career at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, he has had the privilege of training a number of jewellers who now enjoy great renown.



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