Filo Rosso

Filo Rosso | Red Thread Competition
Organizada pela AGC em Itália

O concurso “Fio Vermelho” está aberto a artistas, designers e ourives entre os 18 e os 35 anos.
Os trabalhos a apresentar deverão incluir tecido nos seus materiais.
FiloRosso  competition is open to artists, designers and goldsmiths between 18 and 35 years of age.
All entries submitted must be original designs, produced on purpose for this competition, and must include fabric or eventually be made out of fabric.
Competitors will be required to submit:
1 work belonging to any of the following: necklaces (length at pleasure), rings, bracelets, ear-rings, pendants, brooches.
Competitors will be allowed to use any kind of technique and material but they will be bound to include fabrics both in the design and in the final production of their entry.
Entries not containing fabrics will not be judged.
Material handed over by artists for pre-selection will not be returned.
Only the entries of the 20 finalists will be returned.
The association reserves the right to publish texts, images, musical or video-recording for promotional purposes.
All entry forms, to be submitted within 19th April 2008.
Applications will be accepted until fabric is in stock.
On the entry form applicants are required to state their preference order relating to the fabrics to be used.
As for the allocation of fabrics, early applications will be given priority of choice.
Fabric samples size will approximately be:
cm. 25 x 50 for the creation of rings, brooches, ear-rings, pendants, bracelets.
cm. 50x 100 for the creation of necklaces.
Fabrics will be sent by Filorosso organizers to the selected applicants.
in order to participate in the competition it is necessary to submit

1.a curriculum vitae; 
2.personal data processing form as per the Italian Data Protection Code (Legge 675/96); 
3.project tables - max 2 -  A3 format- in black and white and/or in colours; 
4.a maximum 10 line-description of the work submitted’ -  title, materials ad special techniques used, dimensions- of the  preparatory sketches
(Digital images, whose background will be white, must be submitted in JPG or TIF format, resolution 300 dpj, minimum base 15 cm,  file word. Maximum length 10 minutes video and DVD will also be accepted’)
All entries and CDs will have to be clearly labelled with an acronym and an enclosed envelope labelled with the same acronym will have to contain the author personal data: name and surname, date and place of birth, telephone and fax number, email address, web site, name of the institution or association the author belongs to, work dimensions, materials ad special techniques used, title.
Entries sent by post will have to be set on a rigid support for protection (i.e. not to be bent). It is advisable to write on the parcel: photos do not bend.
Projects  and  CDs o DVDs must be postmarked by 18th May 2008 and sent to:
Via degli Artisti 9/b 34121 Trieste (Italy)

Upon receipt material on CD will be available at
Not later than 22nd May 2008 the Jury, Alba Cappellieri, Nenad Roban and Maurizio Stagni, led by the scientific counsellor, Maurizio Stagni,  will select the 20 finalists who will immediately be sent a mail with a written communication endorsed by Filorosso organization.
Fabrics will be sent.
 7th, June 2008 is the deadline for jewels acceptance. Jewels are to be sent to:
Laboratorio STAGNI-NEW SPACE FOR GOLDSMITH’S ART, via degli artisti 9/b 34121 Trieste (Italy)

The 20 best creations will be exposed, together with preliminary sketches at the Museum of Modern Art “Ugo Carà” in Muggia, in the Trieste Province.
All young artists' entries will be displayed both on the FiloRosso website and on screen during the exhibition opening hours.
The exhibition will be open from 20th June to 22nd July 2008.
20th June 2008 at 21.00 opening of the FiloRosso Exhibtion at the Ugo Carà Museum of Modern Art in Muggia and awarding the Filorosso symbolic prize to the young artist, together with the publication f his/her jewel on the catalogue cover and interview on the October issue of Juliet art magazine.
the winner will be granted hospitality by the Filorosso organization (travelling expenses and 2 nights in hotel). Only one work - even if ex equo - will be awarded.

Ficha de Inscrição (PDF)


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