Worldmart Panyu

Worldmart Panyu International Colored Gems
Design Competition
Jun a 15 Nov 2008

The Worldmart Panyu International Colored Gems Design Competition is  
the first international competition in the Panyu jewelry design  
industry. This competition will mark the start of the 2009  
International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) Congress in Panyu.
Theme:Colored Gems: Sparkling China
Date: June 2008 - May 2009

Competition Schedule
Launch:June - November 2008
Submissions:June – 15 November 2008
Preliminary judging:20-23 November 2008
Model making: December 2008 - April 2009
Final judging:5-9 May 2009 (During the ICA Congress)
Prize giving:10-13 May 2009(During the Guangzhou Jewelry Show)
Details of the Competition:
The competition is divided into 6 categories:
Group A:Necklaces    Group B:Bracelets          Group C:Rings
Group D :Earrings      Group E:Pendants/ Brooches
Group F:Full set (set of 3~4 pieces)
Entries award:4 winners per group and 24 winners in total(RMB  
1000 and certificate)
Creativity Prize:1 winner per group and 6 winners in total(RMB  
5000, prize cup and certificate)
Excellent Design Prize (top prize:1 winner(RMB 10,000, prize cup  
and certificate)
 The organizer will invite the leaders of the Gems & Jewelry Trade  
Association of China, the Panyu Government, and the ICA to award the  
Competition Requirements
 1 、The competition is open to Chinese and international  
professional jewelry designers, amateur jewelry designers and  
jewelry design students.
2 、Judges and employees of the organizing or sponsoring bodies are  
 not eligible for entry.
1 、The designs should follow the theme “Colored Gems: Sparkling  
China”. They should make use of colored gemstones and incorporate  
elements of Chinese culture.
2、 Entrants should primarily use colored gems in their designs, but  
can use gold, silver, diamonds, cubic zirconia or any other  
supporting materials. The designs should emphasize the beauty of the  
colored gems.
3、All entries must be original, creative, manufacturable and  
1、Entrants should submit their designs on A4 size drawing paper.  
Both drawings by hand and CAD (computer aided designs) are allowed.  
Each entry must include animated drawings, three-dimensional  
drawings with measurements and an explanatory statement of up to 200  
2、Using recognizable symbols, emblems, or logos in the design is  
3、Participants must submit actual jewelry pieces if their designs  
are selected for consideration in the final round.  The models can  
be made by the participant themselves or by a factory recommended by  
the organizing committee.
4、Entries must be based on a contestant’s unpublished original  
design, which has not been submitted to any other competition.
5、Participants can enter their designs in different categories but  
can only submit up to three entries in each category.
6、The competition entries will not be returned to participants so  
we advise that you keep a copy of your submissions.
7、The organizer may exhibit competition entries.
Submission information
Please send your designs and the printed application form by mail or  
express delivery to the following address before 15 November 2008.

Worldmart Cup Panyu International Colored Gems Design Competition,
2/F Unit 22 (C6), Shawan Jewelry Industrial Park, No.999, Fulong Rd.  
Fuchong village, Shawan, Panyu, Guangzhou, China.
The application form can be downloaded from
Judging Standards
1、The winning entries should be based on clear and innovative  
concepts and should incorporate traditional Chinese elements.
2、The designs should be made primarily of colored gems.
3、Drawings should be clear with fluent lines and precise  
measurements and should match industry standards.

Intellectual Property Rights
1、All entries must be unpublished and the original design of the  
contestant. Any entry in violation of this rule will be  
automatically disqualified.
2、The participant retains all rights. The organizer has the right  
to one year of use.
3、Under no circumstances will the organizer be held responsible for  
any liabilities. The organizer has the right to photograph and  
exhibit the entries.
Guangzhou Panyu Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association
Contact Person:Miss Ho,    Miss Hou
Fax No: 86(20)-34878099

Organizers:Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China
Guangzhou Panyu Government International Colored Gemstone Association
Promoters:Guangzhou Panyu Special Industry Office
Guangzhou Panyu Jewelry Manufacturers Association
Co-organizers:Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers' Association
H.K. Gold&Silver Ornament Workers&Merchants General Union
Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers Association
Hong Kong Gemstone Manufacturers' Association
Gremio Dos Ourives De Macau
CMP Asia Ltd.

Supporting Departments:The Gemmological Association of Hong Kong,  
Ltd./Gold Association of Guang Dong P/Guangdong Gold & Silver Jewellery Association/Guangzhou Jewellery Chamber of Commerce Supporting Medias:China Gold News/ Gold Jewelry China Gems Magazine/Jewellery News Asia/ Gems & Jades/Vogue  
Jewelry China Gems& jewellery weekly/Jewellery Industry                  
Fortune & Jewelry Weekly/Fashion Jewelry/ Jewelry Business Situation
Phoenix Jewelry Magazine/Sponsor:Guangzhou Worldmart Jewelry & Gems Emporium
Jury:Directors of the Gems & Jewelry Trade/Association of China, the International Colored Gemstone Association/(ICA), the Hong Kong Jewelry Association and the National Jewelry/Design College.


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