Seminário de Joalharia 'Nordic Jewellery Yesterday and Today

Seminário de Joalharia - Programa
'Nordic Jewellery Yesterday and Today".

Museu do Design
16 e 17 de Outubro de 2009


The two-day seminar in October 2009 examines the role of jewellery in the Nordic countries as an independent art form and as a part of industrial tradition. The seminar brings together leading professionals from the Nordic countries on the field of jewellery, industry and history in order to evaluate the unique jewellery tradition of the Nordic countries and its changing role through developments in education, art history and professional activities.

The seminar will be held over two days and coincides with the opening of a large jewellery exhibition held at the Design Museum in Helsinki. The first day of the seminar will focus on the historical dimensions of jewellery and jewellery art in the Nordic countries, where as the second day will look at the more recent developments on the field of jewellery art and explore the future of jewellery art
as an independent art form.


The seminar is supported by the Nordic Culture Fund and organised by the Design Museum, Helsinki.

The seminar is free of charge and open to all.
Mandatory registration form can be downloaded
from ->Future Exhibitions -> Finnish Jewellery