You cannot compare it? Then you cannot understand it either    

Workshop / Critical Thinking , Research , Professional Practice , Design 
Klimt, Barcelona
De 5 a 8 Out 2015

We understand the exercise of art as a discipline of knowledge. Creating is none other than a way of approaching reality. This workshop offers the attendees the chance to rethink the ingredients (the object), how to prepare them (method) and how to codify them to be able to communicate them (language).

We’ve taken this quote from the prologue of the book El Pensador Intruso (The Intrusive Thinker) by Jorge Wagensberg as the name for this workshop, as it is an excellent definition of interdisciplinarity and transversality as a basic factor in the creative work process.

Deep down, all understanding comes from some type of difference detected near some type of frontier. Knowledge is impure and of an interdisciplinary nature. A nature that everybody professes to like, but that on few occasions is worked with openly.

We understand the exercise of art as a discipline of knowledge. Creating is none other than a way of approaching reality. Creating is blending new knowledge with earlier knowledge. Deciphering the basic items with which we work, and how, when and why we combine them, is to speak of the creative exercise.

This workshop –the first edition (*)– offers attendees the chance to rethink the ingredients (the object, as an intelligible part of reality), how to prepare them (method) and how to codify them to be able to communicate them (language).

(*) This is a first edition. Our intention is to repeat the format periodically with different creatives to be able to establish a diverse and accumulative itinerary in what we call the creative profession.


To improve the ability to conceptualise and later apply it to the work-profession, whether it is of a technical or conceptual nature, a creative, educational or critical task.
To exercise abstraction in order to be able to detect and contrast new ways of seeing new perspectives and the new language structures used in the different creative processes.
The final objective of the workshop is to see how the object being worked on –the analysis of its method and the languages generated– can be used in any other exercise of artistic-creative work, whatever its object.

Any way of transmitting knowledge evolves, exploring new complexities of content, new essences for their methods and new accents for their language. / Wagensberg


3 creators, 4 days / 5-8 October 2015.
A photographer, an industrial designer and an art teacher analyse and demonstrate to us the exercise of their profession through a practical example.
On the fourth and final day, a joint assessment exercise will be held of the language acquired during the first three days.

05.10.2015 / Photography / Martí Llorens
The attentive look or how the time factor intervenes in creative language
Appropriation, process and reconstruction in photography. In this workshop we will go through certain aspects of the origins of the photograph. Perhaps this look from behind can help us to better see ahead. We will have the opportunity to see from very close up, genuine 19th-century photographic artefacts: daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, ferrotypes, etc., including the how and why of each of these procedures. The live viewing of some of the author’s works will help us understand the importance of the process and the use of one photographic medium or another.
In summary, the aim is to begin to conjecture with respect to the position of the solid photographic image, close by and limited, inserted into the era of the liquefiable, omnipresent and inexhaustible image seen on the screen.

06.10.2015 / Object Design / Curro Claret
The particular experience or how to decipher emotions in creative language.
The creative action inevitably involves a series of connections with the “most personal” in each of us. Some of those elements will be more or less sensed and recognisable, but there will probably be others that are more difficult to decipher; these could belong to certain questions related to life and experiences that have had some kind of an impact on us, but have not been handled properly. I know absolutely nothing about this question, but I think speculating and fantasising on it a while could bring us something.

07.10.2015 / Practical Art Theory / Manuel Villena
Dr. Livingstone, I presume? or the elusiveness of the obvious in creative language.
In this workshop we reverse-engineer the structure of the creative language, that is, we de-construct it, observe its components and put it back together again. This re-organization becomes a personal affair and will possibly bring a fresh view on the media of Art, both for practicioners and observers alike. Picking from Gregory Bateson's idea on "News of difference" as a starting point, we create a tool for observing the production of any artwork through multiple descriptions where different viewpoints will create the conceptual three-dimensionality that brings learning on.
Laced with stories and the occasional image or song, it proposes to talk about the Arts in simple and clear terms.
We will investigate how the Arts become not only a personal expression exercise, but the creation of a social reality.
And how probably we don't understand most of what we do - fortunately!

08.10.2015 / Confrontations
The attendees (individually or in groups) will show the language they have acquired (concepts, symbols, semantics, structure, relations) by means of a practical case applied to their job-profession.
The teachers will assess the coherence and pertinence of the discourses given in each of the presentations.

Practical notes on the workshop:
Open to: Artists, Designers, Students, Teachers, Curators, Gallery Owners, Art Critics.
Number of participants: 10-12
Language: English
Place: Barcelona.
Each of the four days of the workshop will be held at a different place in the city (to be announced).
Date: 5, 6, 7 and 8 October 2015.
Cost: 650 € / Cost for Klimt02 members: 550 €.
Application deadline: 15.09.2015


Application process:
1. A selection will be made of the applicants.
2. As soon as we get your application we will mail you back to inform about your selection.
3. After acceptance you will have to make a first payment of the 50% of the cost.
4. Second payment of the 50% due to be paid by the 25th of September.

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