Think Twice: New Latin American Jewellery
Lucia Abdenur • Mirla Fernandes • Renata Porto
Membros PIN (Brasil)
Curadoria Valeria Vallarta Siemelink
Nave Generadores, Parque Fundidora Art Complex
Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
de 24 Ago a 22 Set 2013

"The Monterrey Center for the Arts, the National Council for Culture and Arts and the Otro Diseño Foundation are honored to invite you to the opening of the exhibition Think Twice: New Latin American Jewellery.

Bringing together more than 100 works by over 80 artists from 23 countries, Think Twice is the largest collection of contemporary Latin American jewellery to be seen in the United States.

Objects of adornment have long played a significant role throughout Latin America's history, from the spiritually potent jewelry of the pre-Columbians to the eye-catching ornaments worn by Mexican drug gangs to advertise their status and menace. Bringing together more than 125 works by over 50 artists from 23 countries, Think Twice is the largest collectionof contemporary Latin American jewelry to be seen in the United States. BAM is the only museum in the Northwest to showcase this fascinating exhibition!

Think Twice aims to bring the audience a clear picture of the landscape of contemporary jewellery in Latin America and its development in the last 10 years, showing the way in which visual artists and jewellery makers born or living in Latin America view and relate, through jewellery, to such a vast and diverse continent.

The exhibition, conceived by Otro Diseño, is born out of a passion for jewellery as a medium of personal and cultural expression and of the conviction that the fresh, intense and highly creative work of Latin American jewellery makers outstandingly represents and nurtures the culture they live in and therefore greatly enriches and diversifies the international landscape of contemporary jewellery."

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