Kristiina Laurits
de 03 a 26 Out 2013

During the year Platina will present different voices around humans daily need for food.
We are happy to invite Kristiina Laurits from Estonia to this project, Eating Art. She will in her first solo-exhibition in Stockholm, with the titel Diarium show work made of materials we daily find in food but are not used to see in combination with jewellery, as bread, salt and vanilla.
Strictly translated from Latin, the titel Diarium means just, day food.

“For me, jewellery embodies all of my desires and, always, something else that I never knew before. The key words for my works would be transience, moods and play. The choice of materials offered extensive variety – from gold to salt, from diamonds to bread, from animal liver to iron. I enjoy to play with different materials and techniques. Play is turning reality into images, the play cannot be denied. I have taken on the role of theatre director, who creates a performance on basis of observations picked out from life itself.
A fairy tale.
Symbolisation is inevitably poetic.“
- Kristiina Laurits

About Eating Art;
Eating Art is a project in collaboration between Yasar Aydin and Sofia Björkman.
The project is funded by Konstnärsnämnden and is scheduled to last 2013-2014.
Jewellery Art's strength, is that it can through human movement, be shown and used in both private and public contexts, intimately as spiritually.
Being a performer jewellery artist means to operate in many different situations and it is in the exciting voids we experiment. Through interdisciplinary practice and experimental meals in combination with artistic work, we discuss current issues such as gender, ethnicity, class, ethics and the environment.

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