Joya 2013
Curadora Miriam Mirna Korolkovas | Membro PIN
Participam Alice Floriano, Marina Sheetikoff, Miriam Mirna Korolkovas e Sandra Manin Frias | Membros PIN
FAD, Barcelona
Dias 17, 18 e 19 Out 2013

JOYA 2013 apresenta 8 artistas brasileiros na exposição de joias sob o título *MATÉRIA+MENTE+MÃO*  que trabalham com madeira.
O Brasil rico desta matéria e preocupado com a devastação dela mobiliza os artistas a pensarem sobre esse grave problema ecológico social e político.

Miriam Mirna Korolkovas, que também é curadora do *A CASA museu do objeto brasileiro* em São Paulo, presta curadoria pela segunda vez a convite da JOYA em Barcelona.

Miriam Mirna Korolkovas

"Tree, a living being, source of life on Earth"

Alice Floriano

"Within one who feels there is a world we do not see."
 And this, as simple as it is, expresses to me the complexity of pain, of devastation, of which one brings with himself and we not see, of a volatile end, of the importance of each life.

 Marina Sheetikoff

Choose and collect the leaves around me and to consider them as “tiny diamonds”

Sandra Manin Frias

The deforestation of tropical forests is one if the biggest environmental problems in the world. This work, made with materials discarded by licensed sawmills, is a wake-up call. Ironically, each ax here symbolizing the clearing of the woods is made with a forest species from the rich Brazilian forests. Upon striking the wood, the ax produces indelible wounds not only in the tree it hits, but in all the rich Brazilian biodiversity.

Nina Lima

Forests: what's left? Bird’s Nest Brooch has as main material coal, which represents the great forests being burned daily. It aims at protesting against the destruction of natural resources in favor of an artificial, empty and meaningless wealth. The process of civilization and industrialization has been carried out at the expense of a gradual and inexorable environmental degradation. This deterioration destroys nests, dens and houses, as well as their inhabitants. The bird is without its nest, the beast is without its den, the man is homeless.

Renata Meirelles

The wooden blades with their grains, inscriptions and knots by nature are given the unique graphics of copper designed by means of the lamination process forming a unique calligraphy and arabesques.

Rubens Matuck

My work emanates/derives from the essence of South America…

Seizo Soares

I use precious woods from rediscoveries to create jewels that want to raise questions, intrigue the senses and provide pleasure to those who wear them. Pau-ferro, jacaranda, imbuia, pau-brasil and others are saved and transformed into small, long-lasting and precious objects. Besides from being an ornament, I see the jewel as a tool for the senses, emotion and intellect.

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Plaça Dels Ángels, Barcelona