Exposição Coletiva de Joalharia Finlandesa Contemporânea
de 16 Out a 15 Nov 2014

This autumn of 2014, Platina welcomes six Finnish contemporary jewellery artists, Helena Lehtinen, Eija Mustonen, Anna Rikkinen, Janna Syvänoja, Nelli Tanner and Tarja Tuupanen.
At first, the Finnish contemporary jewellery seem silent and still.
Common to these artists is that they all work in white gray and black colors and uses materials like wood, stone and paper. But the created expressions are diligent, shines brightly and talk about what we have around with a visual reverberation leaving visible traces. These six artists have been the leading voices on the international stage. With great commitment they have opened up the contemporary Finnish jewellery to the world and let the same read the Finnish visual stories. In recent years, these artist have frequently, with powerful forces that carefully transpires, taking place on the international stage.

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