"Pieces, spaces, precious places"

"Pieces, spaces, precious places" 
Janna Syvänoja
Silvina Romero, Soledad Kussrow y Tota reciclados
Galerie V&V
Viena de Austria

Inaugura dia 10 de junho às 18:00h

I can make the rules, but the piece takes the shape of its own. When certain formed components start to follow each other and find their rhythm in my hands, the miracle happens. It is a slow, meditative and very natural process.
Working is a play with the scale. A casing of a larva, nest of carpenter ants, shell, cabin, cave, dome, a home for someone.
As an admirer of animal architecture, I want to build my precious places of some common, existing material from my surroundings. I use printed paper, maps, catalogues, dictionary books. They are rich by their past, carrying along certain places and accidental meanings. This material also gives the pieces their individual exterior and interior decoration - their ornaments. I see wood, stone, feather, fur, field, velvet.
Janna Syvänoja


Galerie V&V, Bauernmarkt 19,  1010 Wien
Telf: +43 1 5356334