Work in progress the legacy of Onno Boekhoudt - jewellery and studies

"Work in progress the legacy of Onno Boekhoudt - jewellery and studies"
Museu Coda em Apeldoorn, nos Paises Baixos
4 de Set a 5 de Dez de 2010

The CODA Museum in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, proudly presents a substantial part of the legacy of this remarkable and influential artist in the exhibition “Work in progress, the legacy of Onno Boekhoudt – jewellery and studies”. After his unexpected death in 2002, CODA acquired his complete legacy with financial support from the Mondriaan Foundation. Step by step this vast collection, consisting of boxes filled with sketchbooks, drawings, studies, experiments, letters, texts and many objects and pieces of jewellery, is opened up. Now, for the first time, it is shown to the public. To mark this occasion, a book was published with articles by Liesbeth den Besten, Ward Schrijver, Michael Rowe and Wim Kuipers. The final editing was conducted by Carin Reinders. This publication, which throws light upon the life, work and tutorship of Onno Boekhoudt, has been designed by Arlette Brouwers and printed by the VDA-group in Apeldoorn. The book is available at the CODA Shop for € 34,50.     
The exhibition of Boekhoudt’s legacy offers a view behind the walls of his studio. Not only does it show the customary and nicely polished works, it also offers a glimpse of the artist at work. All the objects on display form part of the collection of the CODA Museum. The concept for the exhibition was developed by the interior architect Ward Schrijver, in close cooperation with CODA. The exhibition is an encounter with the practical side of museum work: how are studies, sketches, drawings and practice pieces registered and stored, and how can a museum inform its audience?
A documentary film was made by CODA in which gallery owners, students and colleagues of Onno Boekhoudt talk about their professional relationship with him. Among others Ted Noten, Paul Derrez of Gallery Ra and Marie-José van den Hout of Gallery Marzee were interviewed for this documentary .
Concurrent with the opening of the exhibition, CODA will start opening up its impressive collections in the museum hall. A touchscreen monitor and a beamer will be used to demonstrate the process.

International significance
Onno Roelof Boekhoudt (Hellendoorn, 1944 – Den Hoeve, 2002) was trained at the renowned technical school in Schoonhoven and the Kunst- und Werkschule in Phorzheim. He gained international recognition as a designer of jewellery, but he also made objects, installations and drawings. It was not so much the end result, but rather the process, the search and the path towards it that mattered to Boekhoudt. In 1973, together with a number of colleagues, he founded the BOE group, the Union of Rebellious Silversmiths. BOE opposed the rigid and conservative attitude of jewellery makers in those days.
Boekhoudt has been of great influence and value to the (inter)national art world. For years he was a teacher at the Rietveld Academy, the Academy of Arts in Kampen and the Royal College of Art in London. His work is included in the collections of a great many museums, such as the Centraal Museum, the Museum for Modern Art Arnhem, the Fries Museum and the Power House Museum in Sydney. He received various international awards and he was awarded the prestigious Francoise van den Bosch Prize in 1996.

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