aeon profit - piano forte 145 kilos of jewellery

aeon profit - piano forte
145 kilos of jewellery

A5, Romina fuentes, Adam grinovich, Annika pettersson
Galeria Platina, Stockholm
Inaugura 7 de Outubro, 17h00-20h00

Musical instruments and jewelry are similar in a fundamental way, you don't throw them away. If either were to break or become damaged one would rather put them up for donation, in hopes of sustaining its existence. It is in this way that the group A5, Adam Grinovich, Romina Fuentes, and Annika Pettersson, came into contact with a piano. From its inception the piano has a natural connection to the human body. The piano is built for the body, and according to a human being. The piano can be viewed as a jewel within a room, yet its full value and potential is not realized until it enters a symbiotic relationship with a person. The piano is an embodied idea with a sensitive cultural identity and  sentimental value.

In the exhibition "Aeon Profit - Piano Forte" A5 set out to explore the existence of the piano, breaking it apart from human function. A5 attempts to recreate the pianos identity in a new constellation and a different perspective on  connecting to the human body. The complex mechanisms contained within a piano provide a wide spectrum of materials and forms, not unlike the organs contained within a human body. Together with existential values, we create and accumulate to become the being that we are.

The result? 145kg of jewelry. A5 is a platform for discussion insofar as every project is designed to cultivate the  possibility to freely exchange ideas. It is through dialogue and conversation that A5 expands its territory. Since the groups' onset, A5 has made a specific effort to find new connections between the body, material, and the relation of persons to jewelry.

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Galeria Platina, odengatan 68, stockholm
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