Tanel Veenre
Historische Baumaterialien / Homayoun Ardehali
Inaugura a 18 Mar 2011

The only true paradise is a paradise we have lost. Time lost is about to be regained in the writing of the novel.
And we can re-enter that paradise not by attempting to recall it, but for the duration of a flash of lightning by encountering a physical sensation (the clink of a fork that recalls a workman's hammer, the uneven paving stones in front of the Prince de Guermantes's house that duplicates those in front of St. Mark's in Venice, the starched napkin evoking those at the Grand Hotel in Balbec) that enables us to live simultaneously in the past and in the present: a little bit of time in its pure state.
„Swann`s way“, Marcel Proust

Historische Baumaterialien / Homayoun Ardehali
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