TENSION Exposição individual de Putte Helene Dal

Exposição individual
da joalheira norueguesa
Putte Helene Dal

Odengatan 68, Estocolmo, Suécia
de 1 a 30 de Out

Putte Helene Dal can be described as a treasure hunter in search of lifes mechanisms.
In the exhibition TENSION we see jewellery made of machine parts no longer in use and details from conceivable instruments bolted together. Some of the jewellery is moving and the objects make our minds spinning around.

- My starting point is a word, a concept, an act or situation which I comment in my jewellery. - Says Putte Helene Dal

Putte Helene Dal's jewellery can be seen as instruments to measure the mood and scales to see how long we can keep ourselves from laughing or crying. How far can we stretch before collapse? Particular focus she puts in the tension we carry on in the daily routines and meaningful moments in life. For exemple you find the brooch 'Good or Bad' which always turns the indicator back to" Bad "however much you ever try to get it to stay at" Good ".
Putte Helen Dal is working with ready-made materials, which she alters and combines with acrylic, brass, aluminium, screws, etc. Half of the process is to collect large amounts of objects and find the right parts that have the potential to trigger an idea or fit into coming work.

- In my workshop there is a great amount of boxes and bags filled with all kind of stuff. The shelves are packed with objects, strictly sorted by themes that constantly change depending of thematic focus. - continues Putte Helene Dal

In the exhibition there is also an animation "My Heart Belongs Here".
A dotted red line on the world map can be viewed as Putte Helene Dal's own life journey. How she moves from wide geographical identities, rather than strict adherence to one.
The animation is a play and an animated picture of how life changes - and as the saying reads; "People have feet, not roots.

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