Walking the Gray Area

Walking the Gray Area

Cidade do México
Abril 2009

The Otro Diseno Foundation for Cultural Cooperation and Development, the agency Design Flux and Galeria La Refaccionaria, Mexico, are honored to present you our new joint project: Walking the Gray Area.

Walking the Gray Area is a collective exhibition curated by Valeria Siemelink and Andrea Wagner, that brings together 20 Latin American and 20 European jewellery makers and artists who ocationally work with jewellery as a medium, into a dialogue about jewellery, global mobility, contemporary identities and its personal and/or collective implications. The curators of Walking the Gray Area, have each selected 20 artists from their respective continents: Latin America and Europe. Each artist has a unique approach to jewellery: different perspectives of art and jewellery, differnt ideas, different interests, different materials and techniques, different countries. But all artists have one thing in common: like the curators themselves, they have experienced the phenomena of global mobility in one or another way: born in one place, lived, studied, worked in another one.

Walking the Gray Area

The artists have randomly paired: one Latin American artist has been coupled with one European artist. Each pair will start a dialogue, through a web blog that has been created for this purpose, in the ways they find interesting or relevant: they are able to exchange conversations, stories, pictures, images and even materials. The dialogue can be verbal, visual of both and will lead to the creation of one body ornament by artist.  

We invite you to visit the blog, moderated by the Mexican art critic Jose Manuel Springer, which will walk you through the process of creating an exhibition from the scratch and allow you to interact with the artists and moderator.

The exhibition will be presented within the frame of the symposium Gray Area, Ist Encounter of Contemporary Jewellery between Latin America and Europe, to take place from April 12th to 16th in Mexico City. The opening date of the exhibition, at the fabulous Galeria La Refaccionaria, in Mexico City's historic Centre will be announced in the following months.

We hope that you will enjoy the experience and that you will walk along with us towards this amazing exhibition. Visit the Walking the Gray Area Blog

Walking the Gray Area


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