"Corpus In Claustrum"

Colecção de Olga Noronha | Membro PIN
Moda Lisboa | Plataforma Sangue Novo, Lisboa
dia 7 Mar às 19h

A womenswear collection where both the clothing and accessories simulate a theatrical ambiance, emphasizing the suggested optical effect with a sequence of lines that, bizarrely interact, provoking sensations and anxieties that lead us to incarcerate thoughts and attitudes.

By manipulating lines and shapes, "Corpus In Claustrum" illustrates the relationship between the body and the container. It celebrates the marriage of sturdy metallic structures on delicate satin covered bodies and, once these bipolar elements meet, arises the uncanny likeness of intimate closure.


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Moda Lisboa, Patio da Gale
Praca do Munícipio