"ORO" by mi-mi moscow


Every man draws his own life ornament on the sand of time.
A tiny change occurs - the whole picture shifts.
Rain is starting and...

"ORO" and "BOOK OF LOVE" are sisters, but not twins.
Pictures... are about the same.
Texts... are about the same.
But these are completely different books.
They are on different subjects. The inner charge is different.

To Look and to See.
Do we see by ourselves?
Or, do we see what somebody else shows us?

A piece of art.
How to describe it?.... is a description needed?
There is always the describer in a description, a big lot of him, while the object is actually ceasing.
In the eye of the beholder... there is more of the beholder, than of the object.
Don't interfere, let him enjoy himself.
Let him experience pleasure growing from inside rather than imposed from outside.

Text by: mi-mi moscow
Edited at: Padua
Edited on: 2014
Technical data:
204 pages, cover with wings,
130 illustrations in colour,
text in Italian.
25 x 26 cm
weight: 1,250 kg.
ISBN: 978-88-940055-0-9

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