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Munich Jewellery Week 2015

Munich Jewellery Week 2015

Dear colleagues,
Every year in March thousands of international jewellery makers, dealers and collectors gather in Munich. Last year Handwerksmesse - hosting both Schmuck and Talente exhibitions - was visited by 138.000 people, meanwhile the city of Munich bloomed with exciting exhibitions counting 69 individual event openings. Undoubtedly, this week is one of the main highlights on Contemporary Jewellery's yearly calendar.

In March 2014 CURRENT OBSESSION presented CURRENT OBSESSION PAPER [1] - a complete guide to Munich Jewellery Week, which included a large city map + detailed previews and images of each featured event, a 'must-see' list, articles and photoshoots. PAPER received positive feedback from both the participants and the public and almost sold out, proving to be a much needed tool of communication and promotion.

Following last year's success we will release the new edition of PAPER, this time with more exciting content and twice as thick! In 2015 PAPER will again serve as a curated source of information helping the visitors navigate the city, find out what's on and what's interesting.

PAPER will be sold at selected of locations in Munich, including Pinakothek der Moderne, International Trade Fair at the stand of CHROME YELLOW BOOKS, etc.

The pre-sales will start the 20th of February on our online shop:

But this is not all...

 This year we've asked ourselves: As Contemporary Jewellery continues to struggle to find new audiences - onlookers and collectors, how can we make Munich Jewellery Week visible to as many people as possible? How
can we make the locals, the tourists and the passers-by curious about what Munich Jewellery Week is all about?

Inspired by the major design and art events around the world, we've designed a special visual identity that will belong to Munich Jewellery Week. This identity includes a logo, a website and street signs announcing Munich Jewellery Week - all designed in the same way. We imagine these street signs placed outside exhibition spaces, inviting people in and creating a buzz in the city: the more of these signs people will see in the city, the more of an impact Munich Jewellery Week will create. All street signs will look the same, but each will have a unique number, corresponding to the map inside the PAPER.

So, if you are planning an exhibition or any other event during Munich Jewellery Week, please follow the link below and fill in the participant's form below. We know that each event is special and requires a different approach, so we would like to offer you a simple selection of three campaigns to choose from:

BASIC CAMPAIGN - similarly to last year, this option will guarantee a space for your event in CURRENT OBSESSION PAPER: The location of your event will be marked with a number on the city map of Munich, accompanied by a statement/description based on the information you submit in the participants form below.
The total amount for administration and production costs of Basic Campaign is €20.

ADVANCED CAMPAIGN - by choosing this option you will receive all of the things mentioned above in the Basic Campaign + you will be provided with a Munich Jewellery Week street sign with the unique number of your event, corresponding to the map inside CURRENT OBSESSION PAPER. We would like to encourage as many people as possible to choose this option, so together we can create a buzz around Munich! We need at least 10 people to opt for this campaign. If less then 10 people opt for this campaign, production costs of the street signs will be too high and we will not be able to execute it. In this case, those of you who opted for campaign will get their money back [you will be charged €20 for the Basic Campaign and will receive back the remaining €40]
The total amount for administration and production costs of  Advanced Campaign is €60.

EXPERT CAMPAIGN - by choosing this option you will receive all of the things mentioned above in both Basic and Advanced campaigns + expanded information about event will be published on CURRENT OBSESSION website +
Munich Jewellery Week website & social media.
The total amount for administration and production costs of  Expert Campaign is €100.

Please, follow the link below and fill in the form with attention to detail. If the information you submitted changes, or you have any additional information, please email us to: Este endereço de email está protegido contra piratas. Necessita ativar o JavaScript para o visualizar. with the title of your event as the subject line.

After filling in this form you will be forwarded to a payment page and required to submit the payment for  administration and production costs according to the campaign option you have selected. PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted.

If you choose not to register you event at all, it will still be mentioned in the PAPER, but without an image and accompanied only by the essential information: address, opening time, opening dates.


For advertising opportunities, please email: magazine@Este endereço de email está protegido contra piratas. Necessita ativar o JavaScript para o visualizar.

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